About Us

THE DROP DISTRIBUTION connects entrepreneurs, producers, retailers and innovators of the GTA to their consumers in the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way. 

Launched in October 2014, our 100% emission free cargo cycle and electric vehicle fleet operate year-round in all weather making DROPS in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, and Guelph.

We believe in sustainability and building strong local economies and our competitive pricing model reflects that. Our partners are those with aligned environmental and local priorities and values. 

We operate on an urban consolidated distribution model vs. a traditional courier model.  This means we do not do any one-off, on-demand or overnight delivery. All of our DROPS are scheduled along corridors leaving from our consolidated storage hub weekly, this allows our partners to ‘share’ delivery costs and enjoy a significantly discounted rate for each DROP - as well as significantly reduced carbon impact!

In February 2015, we were proud to receive the Agents of Change Award from the Centre for Social Innovation - Toronto.  It was the start of an incredible year in which we made over 10,000 DROPS across the GTA. Since then, we've grown exponentially expanding our fleet and client base and have since made over 60,500 DROPS - completely emissions free!

We also offer advertising packages and event marketing opportunities for our unique one-of-a-kind cargo cycles! Contact us with your details for a quote!

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In June 2019, we worked with the Pembina Institute to provide information on our delivery model, which utilizes a microhub approach to keep costs low for our clients



Opportunities for moving goods by bicycle in Toronto